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Grand Master Bedrooms With Even Grander Scenery

By Gabriela Vatu


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Even if your days are full of chaos your bedroom is the one place where you can go and relax the day away, no kids, no electronics (even though they are there it is nice to disconnect once in a while). What better way to disconnect from the chaos of the world than to enjoy a beautiful, scenery in your bedroom. The following grand master bedrooms with amazing sceneries will inspire you to redecorate your bedroom to find the perfect place to enjoy the scenery in your home.

Elegant and Cozy Home with Views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

This spacious and cozy residence located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado sits on 2.5 acres overlooking the Maroon Creek. The home covers nearly 10,000 square feet. Its interior is laid out in a box format that allows every box to have separate space inside of the home. The master bedroom has the best view of them all. Featuring a contemporary design with a chimney, with extraordinary views of the mountains.

Modern Residence Full of Light and Comfortable Spaces in the city of Los Angeles

Located on a hill in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, this marvelous home sits on an area of 2,100 square feet on a land of 3,750 square feet with charming, panoramic views of Silver Lake Hills and Reservoir. The home’s interior is designed in a simple, manner that focuses on its view for most of the homes enchantment. The master bedroom showcases the view of the mountains through its large glass windows and walls.

Spectacular Home in the Northern Crest of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This single-family home located on the Northern Crest of Nuevo, Mexico is a beauty on its very own. With large glass doors and windows that offer a panoramic view of the mountains and its tranquil lavish décor, this residence is a sight on its own. The master bedroom of this home has a terrace and large sliding doors that allow you to see the picturesque mountain and pool scenery.

A Loft with Views of the City

The most impressive aspect of this loft without a doubt is the panoramic views of the city. Completely encased by glass walls the view is out of this world. The loft is designed in a contemporary manner that allows the décor to work around the picturesque view. However, the bedroom happens to have the most magical view of them all. Featuring a round bed, the space allows you to see the entire city as you lay your head to rest.

A Warehouse Turned Into a Home in Melbourne, Australia

This warehouse has been refurbished and turned into a family residence that can be enjoyed. Located in the suburbs of Richmond, Melbourne, Australia the house offers views of the city in a contemporary manner. Furthermore, the beautiful interior is calming and welcoming from the moment you enter the residence. The cozy master bedroom has large windows and a small terrace that provides views of the city.

A Unique Tent House in Eumundi, Australia

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Located in the clearing of a forest in Eumundi, Australia is sitting in an area of 344 m2, perfectly built for a family that wants to be connected with nature. At a first glance, the roof of the home resembles a traditional tent, but at a closer look, the homes contemporary feel takes form. The home offers grand views of the forest that surrounds the residence. The master bedroom is filled with natural, wooden furniture and large glass windows with views of forest greenery.

A Beautiful House in Israel Built by Pitsou Kedems

One of the most impressive aspects of this home is the large gorgeous panels that are laid throughout the home. The panels can be adjusted depending on the sunlight you would like the home to offer. They also for getting wind enter the home to cool it down. The master bedroom features large glass doors and windows that provide views of the pool space and the garden that surrounds the home. Furthermore, the bedroom is decorated in a simple manner to give the view the spotlight it deserves.

Casa Agua

Casa Agua is a luxury residence located in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain. This luxurious home is available to the public for vacation rentals, events, and production companies. It is surrounded by beautiful views of multiple pools and greenery that surround the home. The master bedroom offers large windows that allow you to take a peek into the beautiful exterior of the home.

A Spacious Country Home in Healdsburg, California

Located in Healdsburg, California this spacious country home sits on top of a hill where the views of the valley are impeccable. The secluded home features a large swimming pool as its main attraction. However, the views from the master bedroom are one of a kind. The large glass and doors provide the perfect layout for the impeccable views of the valley that can be seen from the master bedroom.

Spectacular Transformation of a House Into an Elegant and Functional Place

Sitting at 11,000-square-feet this home is located on Taipa Island, on the southern side of Macau, China. It was designed in a contemporary manner on the outside and in a charming traditional manner on the inside. The master bedroom offers views of the water and of the city with a small terrace that allows you to sit and enjoy the view at any time of the day.

These master bedrooms will make you want to have a grand view in your bedroom too. Which view is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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