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New Headquarters of the Dachland Offices in the City of Hechtsheim, Germany

By Magaly Grosso


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Dachland is a company that specializes in roof insulation, greening roofs, and photovoltaic energy. The architectural firm SYRA_Schoyerer Architekten, under the leadership of the architect Julian Andreas, was commissioned in 2016 to carry out the design work for the German company’s new headquarters. The resulting building covers an area of 2500 square meters (or almost 27,000 square feet), and is located in Hechtsheim, a district of the Rhineland state capital of Mainz, Germany. Since its foundation in 1969, the company has installed more than 4 million square meters of roof insulation, both in Germany and abroad.

Black imposing construction
View of the planted roof
View of the roof
Black high walls and aligned windows
Main access street
Side view of the construction

A new headquarters was needed for the approximately 50 team members that are employed on the Mainz site, so Dachland launched a selection contest, which SYRA_Schoyerer Architekten won in December 2013.

In this project, the architects gave great value to the isolation of the entire site, which means that the construction yard, with all its functional requirements, is not visible from outside the site, giving it a degree of privacy. The patio door is normally closed and immediately in front of it, visitors find the visitors’ parking and the main entrance.All areas of the roof have been planted, giving the imposing construction a touch of nature.

View of the offices
Main entrance to the offices
Entrance to the offices
Views of the glass walls
Exterior views
Stairs with high concrete walls
Stairs to the offices
Offices of glass walls
Offices with wonderful views
Entrance to the offices
Office area

Modern meeting office with views
Office with meeting table
Modern office
Office with windows
Kitchen area in green and white
Kitchen area in black
Internal dining area
Modern bathrooms

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