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MVRDV Architecture Designs a Home Around an Olive Tree in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

By Magaly Grosso


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This beautiful home done in a modern style was designed by the MVRDV Architecture firm, and is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Its exterior is made of white bricks, matching with a set of modern and simple windows. However, its most interesting aspect is the connection to the backyard. Curved glass walls border the connection between the yard and the social areas of the home.

White brick walls
View of the backyard, where we can see the shape of the glass walls surrounding the tree

On one side of the modern living room is a recreational space, which invites us to enjoy the area calmly.

View of the interior through the glass walls

The spectacular kitchen, done in a minimalist style, with a great number of storage options, has clear views of the garden through the glass walls


Modern and minimalist kitchen made of wood

A long wall, covered in wooden panels that hide storage spaces, extends through the space between the kitchen and the stairs. There, a door—camouflaged into its environment—leads into a bathroom.

The black metal stairs lead to the second floor, where, once again, we find exceedingly well-lit spaces.

Black metal stairs that lead from one floor to the next

On the other side of the curvature, an extensive area of bookshelves and study areas complete the first floor’s space.

Interior of the house
View of the bedrooms through the glass walls

A spacious terrace, which extends from one side of the structure to the other, connects the occupants with the exterior through its marvelous glass walls. Furthermore, in the interior, we also find ourselves surrounded by ravishingly decorated bedrooms.

Nocturnal view of the backside of the house
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