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RUFproject Designs a Home for a Traveler in Vancouver, Canada

By Magaly Grosso


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In the beautiful gardens that surround the house, we’ll find trees, bamboo, and an abundance of water. This oasis gives us the sensation of tranquility and peace.

This home, located in Vancouver, Canada, was designed in 2015 by RUFproject. It covers an area of 3880 m2, and was designed under the supervision of its owner, who envisioned a space that reflected his travels. The result was a combination between West-Coast and Eastern modernism.

External view of the house, with its glass walls and gardens
View of the interior through the glass walls

Water fountain in one of the garden’s corners
Main entrance with a wooden door and glass walls

In its interior, we’ll find a comfortable space characterized by strong features. The welcoming living room keeps a chimney as company, and in this area we can see various works of art that show us the personality and good taste of its inhabitants.

Entrance hallway

The modern and elegant furniture create an excellent combination of styles and colors, and the gorgeous rug warms the space.

Living room, with chimney and glass walls

Small living room with views to the garden

The kitchen is made up of dark, elegant wood. The comfortable storage spaces match the dining room, located in the corner. From here, we can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden as we dine.

Wooden kitchen and dining room

The stairs, with glass walls that allow light to go through, take us from one magnificent level to the other.

Stairs with glass walls. View to the bamboo garden

Upstairs, the bedroom is also accompanied by a gorgeous chimney. The resting area, with its wooden floors, takes us to the spacious bathroom.

Bedroom with dark, wooden floors and chimney
Entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom

Spacious and brightly-lit bathroom
Nocturnal view of the front of the house

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