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Wonderful Home with Ocean Views

By • Jul 19, 2017

A view to the ocean is definitely one of the most relaxing things there is. To see it, smell it, hear it, creates an ensemble of sensations that fills us with relaxation, especially for those of us who happen to be sea lovers. For this project, one of its most striking features happens to be just that – its spectacular views over the ocean.

Its interior, though small, is charming and comfortable. The home has a lovely terrace with views over the sea and from where we can admire the stunning sunsets full of color that grace the area.

It connects with the interior in a small area that turns into the living room, next to the kitchen. There, a modern chair offers us a place to rest. The interior spaces, with whitened wooden boards that cover the ceiling, floors, and walls, are designed so that from any of its individual rooms, we are able to enjoy the gorgeous views over the ocean. Its glass walls allow the plentiful natural light to seep in, as well as connect us with the beautiful outdoors. Once the glass doors are opened, the salty sea air floods the tiny space.

At night, it’s always a good idea to sit in the terrace to enjoy a drink, while in the company of friends and family – and the sea.

Wooden kitchen with ocean views
Kitchen/living room with floors, walls, and ceiling of light wood
Wonderful views of the sea through the glass walls
Simple and comfortable bedroom with views to the sea
Night view of the living room/kitchen
Night view of the living room
Night view of the exterior
Night view of the exterior

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