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Home with Vertical Shutters Built in a Village Garden

By • Jul 12, 2017

This design, based on the desires of the client and the limitations and architectural rules that its location imposed upon it, came as a result of the division of five plots of a garden that belonged to the main village.

The construction is surrounded by beautiful gardens, perfectly manicured and which adorn the home and make it feel lively.

Its spaces are fluid, and the architects attempted to create an interrelation between the exterior and the interior, allowing for views from the interior, as its walls are made of glass. A shutter system was set in place to keep the privacy of the residents intact, as well as to protect the interior from the wind. The vertical shutters give us the opportunity to open the whole of the south façade in the day, and they also serve as sun-shading and grant complete closure at night.

A few skylights in the roof provide natural light in the heart of the building, especially over the swimming basin and over the staircase, which thus can have natural light all through the day. Every level has a view across the floor.

A library staircase was installed at the center of the home, under a skylight, to lead to every floor. On the ground floor, the living room generously opens on the garden. The kitchen is the central space leading from the entrance to the living room.

Exterior view
Exterior view from the garden with the shutters closed
Exterior view from the garden with the shutters open
Exterior view from the interior through the glass walls
Kitchen with the library in front of it
Library staircase
Night view of the exterior

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