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Eye-Catching Homes on the Lake

By Gabriela Vatu


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Owning a home on the lake is like having a home on the beach the beauty is undeniable, and the amenities are even better. There is nothing quite like waking up and listening to the serene sound of water just drifting away. Here are 10 homes that will make you want to own a home on the lake immediately.

Home in the Banks of a Lake

Located in St. Petersburg, Russia this home on the lake is a private residence with an envious view. The modern yet classic home offers panoramic views of the lake from every single room. Additionally, the windows are glazed using Reynaries Concept System® 104 (Belgium), innovative window glazing which allows the home to use less energy. Furthermore, not only does the home lead to the lake, but it is Eco-friendly. The residence was constructed to fit right into its surrounding landscape.

Lake Edge

The Lake Edge residence is located in Excelsior, Minnesota, USA. This home offers a contemporary approach to a traditional home. Furthermore, the large windows offer views to the beautiful lake that is connected to the home. This residence is connected by a walkway to the small lake house that sits at the edge of the lake.

Hog Pen Creek Residence

The Hog Pen Creek Residence is the perfect definition of a contemporary private residence. Designed by Lake Flato Architects gives this home the true modern feel Lake Flato is well known for. Additionally, the home was constructed using large windows from top to bottom to create a home that feels as if it interacts with the outdoor space simultaneously. Furthermore, the home was constructed in an L shape in order to work around the oak trees that resided in the area surrounding the home.

Lakecrest Residence

The Lakecrest Residence is the true definition of a home directly on the lake. In addition the home not only has views of the lake, but it is perched on the edge of a cliff providing an unbelievable view. Furthermore, the home offers panoramic views of the mountains as well as the forest that surround the residence. Lakecrest Residence was designed to have its residents enjoy the view of the outside directly from the windows inside.

Lake House by Mutabile Arquitetura

Located in Capitólio, Minas Gerais, Brazil directly on the edge of Lake Furnas this private residence was created to provide the feel of always being on vacation. The home sits on the lake which gives it the open feel of being always on the lake even if you are inside of the home. Nevertheless, this home combines the exterior space with the privacy of the interior in a unique manner. The home has thick walls, but with large windows for the perfect contrast. Lake Furnas can be seen from every angle of the home.

 Lakeside Retreat

The Lakeside Retreat residence is the perfect vacation home. Sitting directly in front of the lake is one amenity that is difficult to come by and even more difficult to miss. This home provides both. The beautiful lake can be seen from the large ceiling high windows that are in the window. This entire residence has large windows. However, the best view of the home can be seen from the living room.

House at a Lake by BBSC Architects

This contemporary home is a sight to be seen. The beautiful residence known as the house at the lake offers mesmerizing views that from every quarter of the home. Furthermore, very window offers a distinct view of the lake or the garden. Its large front windows provide a modern yet elegant touch to the home.

Lake Washington Shores Residence

Lake Washington Shores Residence merges the indoor with the outdoor space seamlessly to provide that effortless combination of the two. It’s a 6,800square foot home with the purpose of entertaining. This modern home offers large windows throughout that brings the brightness, from the earthy outdoors directly in. Additionally, the inside is decorated with lots of mahogany wood elements for an earthy feel that connects you to the lake.

House at the Lake by Igor Sirotov Architect

The House at the Lake was a concept created by Igor Sirvotov Architect. This home is contemporary to a T. Nevertheless, the entire home is decorated in a gray and black color scheme providing a rich feel that is modern and elegant all at the same time. The view of the lake offers a twist of tranquility in the home. Furthermore, the large windows will bring in the softness of the lake while the décor adds the classic edge the home already has.

Lakeside Home

This stunning Lakeside Home located in Balatonboglár, Hungary is a beautiful contemporary residence. The elegant interior works perfectly with the nautical exterior. It sits directly in front of the lake providing an impeccable view that can be seen from the large windows that flow throughout the entire space.

To conclude, whether you enjoy a peaceful night looking at the lake from the inside of your home or you want to sit directly on the lake these homes are beautiful from the inside out. Which of these homes is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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