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10 Homes With a Picturesque Interior

By Gabriela Vatu


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The interior of a home says a whole lot about the homeowners. Furthermore, it says a lot about their personality. However, some homes are simply built with the perfect interior. Keeping that in mind the following homes have picturesque interiors that are sure to inspire you to redecorate your home or reconsider your decorating style.

Home in Boca Raton by Marc-Michaels Interior Design

This home in Boca Raton is the perfect example of a trendy outdoor space that matches the elegant yet minimalist indoor space. The interior consists of multiple different shades of white and neutrals. Furthermore, the shades of neutral give the home the appearance of it being even bigger than it is. Plus, let’s not forget the glass walls add to the trendy yet dreamy feel of this residence.

Amsterdam Residential Home by Sies Home Interior Design

Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands this gorgeous river front home has all of the makings of being beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. The interior consists of a clean white and neutral palette with bursts of color throughout. Its mostly white palette gives the home the cozy yet cool feel that you would expect from a residence that is directly in front of a body of water.

Church Conversion by Homewood Interiors

When Homewood interiors saw this piece of history they knew they wanted to convert it into something else and that is when the idea of making it into a home came about. They also knew they wanted to keep the home as authentic to its original shape as possible. Therefore, the interior of this home feels like an elegant, upscale residence with the essence of the preexisting church. The high church ceiling still remain, as well as the arched doorways. However, the décor is modern and classic with a feminine twist.

Miami Modern Home by DKOR Interiors

Every single space in this home screams modern. This Miami Modern home offers a unique twist on the traditional, modern décor as every room is decorated differently. Some are modern and minimal while others are vibrant and elegant. The idea was to have a home that was unique yet modern. Meanwhile, still being a traditional space at heart. Combining all of these features together are what give the interior décor of this home the picturesque feel.

Home 07 by i29 Interior Architects

A unique twist this home in Amsterdam features is its laser cut cabinets that are ceiling high. This concept is quite unique as there are only a few homes who have this feature not only that, but the home offers a minimalist interior design. There are little to no decorative items in the home. Therefore, the structure relies on itself for a bold impact. Doing so, i29 Interior Architects were able to create a trendy space that is unique and custom to the residence.

House in Sirahama-Cho, Japan with Magnificent Views of the Calm Waters of the Pacific Ocean

The view this home provides is unbelievable. Therefore, Kishimoto Himeno Architects decided to focus on the views of the Pacific Ocean when designing the interior of this home. The inside is quite simple and mostly made out of wood. However, the breathtaking aspect of this home is the ceilings. Every space in the home offers a different ceiling height. The living room has high ceilings for an expanded feel. Meanwhile, the bedrooms have lower ceilings for a cozy atmosphere.

White Interior Design Create a Star Wars-Themed Apartment in Taipei, Taiwan

This private residence takes interior designing to another level.  It features a Star Wars theme throughout the entire home. Therefore, there are simple white walls that allow the Star Wars furniture to make a bold statement. Furthermore, the home itself can be considered a Star Wars monument. There are pieces of every Star Wars movie in every single room that add a pop of color and texture to the space.

A House in a Moshav by Rotem Guy Interior Designer

Built in the early 50s this home was in need of an upgrade. Nonetheless, that is exactly what Rotem Guy Interior design did. They gave the home a classic appeal while still incorporating bright hues to modernize the space. In fact, adding these bright tones will bring out the wooden features in the residence.

House in Shatin by Millimeter Interior Design

This home in Shatin was designed to be an upgrade of the preexisting 40year old residence. The interior of the home is designed to be modern and trendy with simple and minimal furniture items. It was designed to let the home speak for itself. Doing so, allows the glass doors and windows to be the highlight of the home.

Loft 44 by CASAdesign Interiores

Loft 44’s interior was designed with an elegant yet trendy and sexy appeal. The dark furniture adds to the mysterious, touch the home offers. Therefore, the interior offers a mixture of different hues of wood that enhance the structure of the home.

Which of these house’s interior do you want to mimic in your house for that picturesque feel? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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