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10 Homes with Impeccable Windows

By Gabriela Vatu


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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but when it comes to a home, windows are the first glimpse towards what’s inside. With that being said more and more homes are elevating their current windows and making them a huge aspect of the architectural structure of the space. So much so that many establishments are constructed around one specific window idea. Here are 10 homes with impeccable windows.

Windows to the Soul

This residence known as the “windows to the soul” home offers gorgeous windows from top to bottom. Located in London, England the interior of this home is a mixture between rustic and modern while creating a space that feels as if you are on vacation. This entire residence is filled with windows and mirrors. The bathroom itself is a mirror oasis. There is just so much to see the home takes your breath away immediately.

Window by LADAA

Located in Valencia, Spain this project home by the Spanish architectural firm LADAA is a beauty in its own definition. The residence is almost entirely made out of windows, hence why it was named “windows.” With that being said the layout of the home is quite interesting as it is arranged as an orthogonal prism. What this means is the home essentially looks and feels like a glass box where the exterior and the interior of the home work harmoniously together.

Comfortable and Cozy House

This comfortable and cozy home has all the makings of a cabin while fully incorporating the outdoor and traditional Korean elements. The large windows that reflect all over the residence give view to the ocean and Mount Hallasan. Mount Hallasan can be seen perfectly from any area of the home. Furthermore, the structure itself is surrounded by trees adding a hint of shade and privacy where it is needed most.

A Modern Home in Ascot Vale, Australia

Located in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia this modern home offers smaller living in a big way. Measuring at only 190 square meets this home is a beauty from the inside out. However, one feature that really caught our attention was the detailing in the large windows. The large windows open up as doors in the back of the home maintaining the home cool throughout the day.

Fiore Countryside House

Fiore which means “flower” in Italian is the perfect name and description for this home. This home is located directly on the grass and field that surrounds it, this makes the house appear as if it was growing from the ground just like a flower would. Its structure is the perfect mixture of modern and vintage. With its different size windows as the main statement this home is beautiful from the inside out. Every window is meticulously placed so that different amounts of natural lighting enter the home at different times.

Godswindow Residence

Tucked away in a valley, the Godswindows residence is the definition of “bold windows.” Featuring glass doors and windows that work harmoniously together to provide a whimsical feel. The U-shaped residence is part of 266 acres of land surrounded by mountains and valleys that can be seen from the large windows.

Single Family Container Home

This single-family residence is unlike any other homes located in Brooklyn, NY. Its structure offers multidimensional windows in numerous different sizes to allow natural lighting to enter the home. The idea was to create a container home with multiple different sizes inside of it. Additionally, the interior is decorated in a contemporary format. This was done to further expand the versatility of the home

Small Cabin

Located in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park this small cabin hides in the mist of snow and mountains. However, not only is the view of this home impressive, but the tiny windows are too. This home does not offer large gorgeous glass walls and windows like the other homes above. Instead, it offers tiny unique windows that truly make a statement. The windows are constructed in a small manner in order to allow little to no cold air to come inside.

Imposing Residence

This unique little home known as the “imposing residence” is one of a kind. Located in a small, quiet street this home provides the contemporary appeal new homes like this one are well-known for. Its horizontal windows are a sight to be seen on their very own. They even open up horizontally for an intricate touch that is exclusive to the home. Furthermore, this residence is a concrete structure with wooden elements that create the perfect structure throughout the space.

A Wooden House on a Verdant Slope

The wooden house on a verdant slope is one of a kind not only does the home sit on a slope, but its structure is like no other. The unique structure is filled with different size windows that bring in natural light. Its interior is designed in a modern format. Therefore, the entire home is modern and contemporary from top to bottom.

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