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10 Homes With Unbelievable Pools

By Gabriela Vatu


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Having a swimming pool as part of your home is the ultimate amenity. It’s the ultimate compliment to a home while being the focus of the outdoor landscape design. In addition to that lets not forget it is the perfect area to host family and friends while enjoying the warm weather. Not only does having a swimming pool in your backyard space provide an aesthetically pleasing view, but it allows you to have a little piece of vacation right in the premises of your home. The following homes have unbelievable pools that will cause you to want to upgrade your backyard landscape and create a customized pool of your very own.

Large House From the 1960s in Westchester New York

Designed by Roy Johnson in the late 1960s, this beautiful home sits at about 2574 square feet it is a beauty from the inside out. The outside of the home is constructed out of stone, wood and glass that mesh perfectly together for a charming, yet vacation feel. The inside does not stay behind on the charm filled with wooden walls that perfectly compliment the glass windows this home is a beauty. However, the best part of this home is the pool. The pool is not only beautiful, but it offers a picturesque waterfall that is to die for.

Contemporary Apartment for Young Businessman in Hong Kong

Redesigned for a traveling businessman in Hong Kong this home was created to give him the serenity he needs after his travels. This contemporary apartment covers an area of 2,400 square feet with views of the lake and bridge. On top of the its exceptional view, the home offers an indoor pool that is sure to make us all jealous. The inside is fully tiled in a gorgeous shade of blue which makes the water even bluer. The best aspect about this pool is that it is indoors. Which means no matter how cold or warm the weather is taking a swim will always be an option.

Poolside Pavilion Designed by Murray Legge

This pavilion located in Austin Texas was created as an addition to a preexisting home. It was constructed in hopes of adding shade for the adjacent pool and it did just that. The pool featured in this pavilion is one of a kind as it is an infinity pool with views towards the mountains. The pool itself was constructed in a simple yet flat infinity design. Doing so gives the pool the appearance that there is no beginning or end to it. It just blends right in with the structure and the view.

NMD NOMADAS Design a Contemporary Home in Valencia, Venezuela

A contemporary design with its main focus nature is the perfect way to describe this home designed by the architectural firm NMD NOMADAS in Valencia Venezuela. There are numerous glass walls throughout the entire space. This was done to create a peaceful yet seamless combination between the indoor and outdoor space. When it comes to the pool this home offers a unique pool design as the pool is long and runs through half of the front of the home. The concept for the pool was for it to be seen from almost every window in the home.

Story Pool House by Lake Flato

The Story Pool House by Lake Flato is the perfect example of a little slice of heaven. Its entire design is compact and small making it the perfect home for a minimalist that wants to feel connected with nature. The pool is a simple rectangular design that adds a simple mystic to the entire concept of the home. It sits in nature surrounded by nature with gorgeous views of low rolling hills.

Connecticut Pool House by Resolution: 4 Architecture

This Connecticut Pool House by Resolution: 4 Architecture is the ultimate 832 square feet, one bedroom, and one bath paradise retreat. The contemporary retreat is located, surrounded by trees and a beautiful scenery for the ultimate retreat feel after a long day of work. Get this the pool is almost the same square footage as the house. This has caused it to become the main attraction of the entire residence.

A Beautiful House in Israel Built by Pitsou Kedems

The main unique feature of this beautiful home in Israel is its uniquely designed perforated panels. These panels are located on the inside and outside of the house. However, they are unlike any other panels as they are completely moveable. They can be positioned differently depending on how much sunlight and air you would like the home to have. These panels also add an extra touch of charm to the pool space as they’re placed directly in front of the pool. Therefore, you have the ability to control how much exposure of light the pool is actually getting.

A  in Beverly HillsLuxurious Residence, California

Designed with a mix of styles in mind this luxurious residence is a family home/vacation home all at once. Mixing different styles allowed the architect to get creative with the textures used around and inside of the home. However, the standout piece of this house is the pool area. As not only is it shaped uniquely but it offers a Jacuzzi. Along with a resting area inside the pool. Furthermore, the resting area is so unique because you are inside the pool but while in the space you will remain completely dry.

A Charming Tuscan Villa Surrounded by Olive Groves in Palaia, Italy

Surrounded by a spectacular view, this Charming Tuscan villa is charming yet relaxing. Nonetheless because it was constructed in the middle of acres of olive trees. Not only is the home surrounded by nature, but the swimming pool is as well. This was done to complete the relaxing experience the home offers. Constructed in a unique shape the swimming pool is laid-out a bit further away from the home. This was done in order to provide the perfect relaxing atmosphere while you are in the pool area.

Spectacular House in the Southern Creek of Lake Texoma

The beautiful estate known as the spectacular house in the Southern Creek of Lake Texoma is a sight to be seen on its very own. Featuring 6 bedrooms with expansive views of the lake that sits directly in front of the home. This residence is one of a kind. So much so that it even offers a disposal helipad at all times. And there is an enormous pool that features stone walls and even a waterfall as well as a Jacuzzi.

In conclusion, these homes are not only beautiful, but there swimming pools are a sight to be seen. Which of these homes would you like to live in? Please let us know in the comments below.

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