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10 Homes With Unbelievable Views

By Gabriela Vatu


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On any given day we can all come across a beautiful home. However, very rarely do we come across beautiful homes with an even grander view. There is something very relaxing and luxurious about being able to look outside of your home. All while having a picturesque view. With that being said many homes are generally built around the idea of the view being the main focus of the home. Due to this many newly renovated home offer large windows that give the view an even grander effect. The following 10 homes offer unbelievable views that appear as if they just came out of a post card.

Legacy Lakefront Estate

The name alone screams grand. The legacy lakefront estate is not only grand, but it features 6 bedrooms that all have unbelievable views of the lake. The lake is directly in front of the home, 9 ½ bathrooms, a very large kitchen, as well as multiple other upscale services that enrich the space. To top it all off the home sits at 11,500 square feet. The outside of the home is by far the most impressive. It features a heliport directly in front of the home. The heliport has an extraordinary view of the lake and even an activity space.

Visitor Center Designed by the Firm Review & Drage in Oslo

Designed between a main road and a waterfall makes the Visitor Center an unbelievable home. The grand and beautiful aspect about this home is that even though it is nestled in the forest you have a complete view of the Lynga river right from the inside of the home. The view is so grand you can actually sit in front of one of the many large windows and see the river. Its contemporary design just adds to the mystique of this home.

Home in Aspen, Colorado with Wonderful Views Over the Rocky Mountains

This home in Aspen is one of a kind for its view alone. The homes view sweeps across the alpine meadow to the Roaring Fork River and the Rocky Mountains. You can see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains from every room as the home features large glass windows in every single room in the residence. Furthermore, the home’s interior is just as impressive. It has a tall fireplace that is covered in stones to further enhance the cozy and luxurious appeal this home has.

Spectacular Villa Designed by MGXM Architects

When you hear the name Spectacular Villa the very first question you may have is why is it called “spectacular villa”? The answer is simple. This villa is breathtaking from the inside out. That includes the view you see from the inside of the home. The view extends from just a beautiful swimming pool and garden with a gorgeous lake that sits directly in front of the home. Every aspect of this home is grand. From its brick exterior to its modern features including a spa like bath tub.

Beautiful Cabin Located in the Mountains of West Virginia, USA

The cozy feel, of a cabin combined with the breathtaking view of the West Virginia mountains, is the perfect description of this beautiful cabin. Its main focus being its large terrace that offers the luxurious view of the mountains and rivers. This cabin was constructed to be warm and welcoming. The interior is simple yet cozy with large glass windows which works well in maintaining the homes main focus.

Fabulous and Unique Residence in Miami Beach by Kobi Karp Architecture

Decorated with a European flair the Fabulous and Unique Residence in Miami Beach by Kobi Karp Architecture is breathtaking. Its terrace features an exceptional view over the city giving you a picturesque moment. But the view doesn’t just stop there it continues on for miles and at a different area of the home, you are able to see directly pass the waterway that is nearby the home. Another impressive feature of the home is the numerous different light fixtures that illuminate the exterior and interior.

Modern Log Villa in Central Finland by Pluspuu Oy Architect

Contemporary is the perfect word to describe this particular home. The modern log villa was built with 202 mm thick laminated timber logs along with clear glass walls for an impeccable view from the inside out. With high ceilings and light yet simple décor the homes impressive view is one of a kind. Sitting in the middle of a forest the view is beyond impressive you get a 360-degree view from the moment you set foot in the home. This will make you feel as if you are outdoors while still being outdoors.

A Luxurious Villa on the Island of Taveuni, in Fiji

Located on Taveuni, known as the Garden Island this home has all the view of the surrounding landscape. From the terrace of the home, you will have the ability seeing numerous different sunsets. Along with green landscapes full of palm trees, and beautiful colorful flowers that surround the home. The view is so impressive because of how picture perfect it is from every area of the home. With its beautiful large windows, you can ultimately sit in the living room and see the island from the window of the home.

A Spot With Stunning Views Over the City

The loft is encased with glass walls running all throughout. This gives you a 360-degree view of the city in any and every room. Every room in this home is decorated in a simple and chic manner in order to give the view the spotlight it deserves. The view is so grand with little to no decoration the loft appeals well put together every time.

Luxury Villa with great views in Puerto de Andratx

Its name alone tells you the impeccable view you are about to experience. This luxury villa will take your breath away from the moment you first see it. It’s a view extends over the hills which is the perfect when you want an ample view. Filled with large windows the home features 6 bedrooms and 2 beautiful living rooms with a luxurious feel that extends throughout the entire space.

The views of these homes are beyond beautiful. Please let us know which of these are your favorites in the comments below.

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