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House Designed to Maintain the Privacy of its Inhabitants

By • Apr 6, 2018

Slow House is a private residence designed by the South Korean architectural firm KDDH, which is based in Seoul. The home was completed in 2015, and covers a total ground area of a little over 100 square meters. It is located in Janghyeon-dong, South Korea.

External view of the staircase structure

The home sits on a street 8 meters wide, facing the foot of Mt. Hwangbang, which is expected to suffer a high amount of traffic. As a result, it was necessary to create an architectural design that would ensure and preserve the privacy of the residents. In order to do this, the architectural firm separated the private areas from the public ones. The inner part of the house is divided into three sections — a family area, an area for the children, and an area for the parents.

Side view of the stepped house
Interior in white with high ceilings

The lowest part of the house holds a kitchen, a dining room, and other areas where the family might spend time together. The upper level has a series of rooms, all quite small, but each with a differently shaped ceiling, which creates a sense of dynamism that adds character and a touch of fun to the interior. A low corridor creates a division between the spaces designated for the children and those designated for the adults, the latter of which are located in the highest point of the structure.

Kitchen in white
Kitchen in white with gray ceramic wall
Dining room in wood with wall in light gray
White stairs lead to the study area
Children’s room in pink tones
Stairs lead to the playground area painted in green
Bedroom in white with furniture and details in wood
Exterior night view
Front view in the afternoon
Side view of the street

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