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A House Full of Natural Light and Music

By • Feb 27, 2018

This one storey project was built on a plot covering an area of 250 square meters in a residential area. As such, part of the design intent was to integrate the project with its only possible view: the sky.

Entrance with the typical colors of the Mexican culture

The owner, a pianist, took advantage of the experience of the architects Diana G. Ortiz Moreno, Diego Torres Guízar, and Fabiola Cruz Garcia from the architectural firm TAAB, in order to carry out this 188-square meter project in the city of Jacona, Michoacan, in Mexico.

Entrance with open skies
Wooden door

The interior spaces, including the bedroom, the study, the kitchen, the garage, the living room, the dining room, and the service rooms, are confined as much by the carpentry as by the modulation of the columns.

Hall with cork floors
Internal garden with glass walls

The walls of the property are mostly made of glass, which allows natural light to fill the spaces during the day, making them look luminous and elegant.

The materiality of the house allows the ceiling to be perceived as a continuous element perforated by courtyards that contrast with the low walls, in which the natural tone of the sand of the region can be appreciated. The coating on the floors differentiates the public area, with marble floors and natural stone, from the private one, which has a cork floor.

Large internal garden that allows natural light to enter
Living room with access to the garden
Dining room
Modern kitchen in wood
Study of the pianist

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