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This House has been Designed to Provide Privacy Despite Being Open to the Outside

By • Jan 18, 2018

The architectural studio Beczak / Beczak / Architekci – led by a team made up by Magdalena Beczak, Maciej Beczak, and Jarek Borowski – designed this modern house in the city of Czarnów, Poland, in 2016. The owners wanted a private house that was still open to the outside. To fulfill this wish, the house was divided into a block facing south, which is dark and closed, and a block facing north, which is set higher and done in a lighter shade of gray. The main openings are located where the blocks intersect, and are strongly framed and directed by independent exterior walls that follow the main structure of the building.

Modern living room with wooden floors and high ceilings
Living room area with concrete walls and wooden floors
Modern living room with concrete walls and glass doors
Terrace with garden

The north wing measures 4.6 meters high and houses a living room and three of the bedrooms. The southern part of the house houses a kitchen, bathrooms, the laundry room, and a guest room. The windows of this facade are long and narrow, and are placed just below the roof, so that they are able to provide sunlight, but do not allow visibility from the road. Although the kitchen has large windows, it is retracted, and the view to it from the road is blocked by a free wall that follows the main line of the facade. In the space between the kitchen and the wall, there is a small secondary terrace. Both terraces are finished with concrete slabs and connected by a wooden platform. The entrance to the building is distinguished by the use of wood in the elevation.

Open internal areas with terrace
Large terraces connected to the interior by glass doors
Back garden with terrace
View of the back garden with terrace
View of the interior from the garden

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