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House in Challex, France designed by Zoomfactor Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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This house, built in Challex, a small residential area in France, was designed by Zoomfactor Architects in 2016 and boasts a total of 190 meters squared of space. Its concrete exterior gives it a cold aspect, but it is a small detail that we seem to forget once we arrive at the terrace, with its wood floors and glass railing, the incredible views of the extensive and green landscape before us.

Close-up shot of the house with concrete walls
Close-up shot of the house with concrete walls

Wood terrace from which we can look out to the beautiful landscape
Entrance to the kitchen through the terrace

Inside, the combination of polished concrete, wood, and white walls make us forget the coldness of the exterior, and we simply admire the details of each space.

The door at the entrance is solid, but does not lose its beauty. Just past it, the handrails at the stairs are made of a delightful wood.

Main entrance with a wood door
Staircase and part of the living room as seen from the main entrance

The kitchen, with some structures in white and others made of wood, is strategically positioned in front of some glass doors, through which we can enjoy the incredible landscape.

This can be perfectly described in a single word: disconnect. This is a place where we can disconnect from our daily dealings and thus recuperate some of our energy.

Kitchen with white countertops and wood cabinets
Spacious living room with views to the exterior

At night, the landscape is reduced to a strip of light in the immense horizon. From this environment, shrouded in almost complete darkness, emanates a sensation of peace and tranquility.


Nocturnal view of the home

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