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House Surrounded by a Quiet and Natural Environment

By Magaly Grosso


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Forest and House is a contemporary home designed by Jung Hyowon of JHW IROJE architects&planners, a firm based in Seoul, South Korea. The home covers a total ground area of a little over 1,200 square meters, and was completed in 2016. It is located in Sunchang, South Korea.

View of the construction among the vegetation

The home was designed for a client who is both a professor and an engineer, and who will be retiring in three years’ time. This home is intended to be a space for him to spend his “second life,” and enjoy the peace and quiet of a home surrounded by a natural landscape.

View of the construction between the forests
Main entrance
Internal area of the construction

From the perspective of the architectural firm, the plot of land on which the home sits is borrowed from nature, and so they decided to disturb it as little as possible in order to remain respectful. The end result is that the home is finished without a yard, as it was a mere human pleasure that would further intrude unnecessarily upon the natural landscape that surrounds the structure. This also serves to make the connection between the home and its surroundings all that much stronger, since, almost as soon as one steps outside of its walls, one finds oneself surrounded by raw nature.

Side view with concrete walls
View of the construction and the mountains that surround it
Wall and roof in zinc
Details of the concrete wall
Concrete stairs connect to the upper terrace
Construction located on the hill
Stairs with red railings
Side bricks wall
Construction with glass walls

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