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A House Taken out of a Tale in a Natural Environment

By Magaly Grosso


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This beautiful house, surrounded by thick vegetation and with the calm waters of the bay as the only companion, seems like something out of a tale.

House hidden among the thick vegetation

It is located in Wroxham, Norwich, United Kingdom and has 165 square meters of construction. The firm responsible for carrying out the project in 2016 was Platform 5 Architects, located in London, United Kingdom.

House reflected in the calm waters of the bay

The new design by Platform 5 Architects replaces an obsolete bungalow on a promontory of a secluded lagoon in Norfolk’s stables. The design of a new building for the plot offered the opportunity to improve the environment by establishing an elegant counterpoint to neighboring houses of more traditional design, respecting the peaceful location. A key objective was to create simple and contemporary living spaces in the center of the house that are well oriented to benefit from the views of the surroundings. The property is also available for vacation rentals.

Wooden terrace overlooking the bay

Facade of red bricks
Brick facade
Brick facade and large windows
Spiral staircase

Each space has a carefully thought-out design and carried out with built-in furniture to set the stage for family life. A palette of materials in soft tones is used in each of the spaces, where a range of colors and textures creates a cozy but variable atmosphere.

Modern living room with glass walls
Dining room seen from the living room
Modern kitchen in black and white
Modern dining room in the kitchen
Dining room with hanging lamps

Modern room in gray and black range
Room with desk area

Warm room in white and ocher
Room in white and ocher
Bathroom in white and wood

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