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Imposing and Modern Design of a College Campus in the City of Tuen Mun, in Hong Kong

By • Nov 10, 2017

This modern and imposing construction of a college campus, located in Castle Peak Bay, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, was designed by the architectural firm Rocco Design Architects Limited. The building, which covers a total ground area of 26,500 square meters, or 285,243 square feet, was built in 2016. It examines the compact urban conditions of Hong Kong in search of direct inspiration and creates, within a limited space, a miniature city, dense and connected. It maximizes space by focusing on verticality over horizontality, creating several levels that rise up to expand its interior.

Exterior view of the modern construction
Imposing design
Exterior glass walls

Among other features, it boasts a series of conference rooms, sky gardens, roof decks, and a gym.

Internal access ramp
Glass wall ramp
Interior gardens
Aerial views of the garden
Campus interior
Relaxation area

A Student Boulevard rises to form a three-dimensional network of streets in the air that weaves and joins the different blocks and levels into a connected whole. From the boulevard, students can access a series of gardens and decks of various scales at different levels, a sloping green lawn, a student plaza, and a mini cafe, all with magnificent sea views and a pleasant and lively atmosphere.

The modern structure’s composition and construction resemble the inherent spirit of Chinese calligraphy, that is, the beautiful balance between the solid and the empty in elevation.

Views from inside the campus
Classroom corridors
Dining area with glass walls

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