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Imposing and Wonderful Villa Surrounded by thick, Green Vegetation

By • Nov 14, 2017

Villa Kali, a stunning and gargantuan seaside private mansion located in Monsef, Lebanon, was designed jointly by BLANKPAGE Architects and Karim Nader Studio. The property covers a total ground area of 2,000 square meters, or 21,527 square feet, and was completed in the summer of 2016. The project, which boasts a total of 11 bedrooms, took a total of four years to complete, and involved collaborations with numerous designers and contractors, creating an end product that is truly a work of art.

Villa located among green vegetation
Entrance to the imposing villa
Villa with sea views

Thick, verdant vegetation surrounds the building, providing it a high degree of privacy, which is a necessity for a summer vacation villa. The layout of the home follows an oriental tradition – bedrooms that surround an open courtyard crowned by a water fountain — although done in such a way that both levels are granted uninterrupted view toward the Mediterranean, from all spaces in the house.

Modern interior design
Large wooden stairs
Modern bedroom with glass walls

The interior décor is minimalistic in style, with walls in stark white and sparse decorative accessories, which add to its already marked sense of space and emphasizes a desire to create a tranquil and serene setting in which to relax. Clear glass walls allow natural light to enter all spaces, and open bedrooms allow nature to seep into the interior, blending the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Wonderful sunset views from inside the villa
Night view of the interior of the villa
Night view of the imposing villa
Night view of the villa from the beach
Imposing night view of the villa

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