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Imposing Residence in a Quiet Street by Steimle Arhitekten

By Magaly Grosso


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This imposing residence is located on a quiet street, unfrequently transited, in a town some 30 kilometers south of Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Württemberg, a state to the southwest of Germany. It was designed by the architectural firm Steimle Arhitekten, and its construction was completed between 2014-2016.

The openings of the windows, designed horizontally upon the façade, create a view marked by the landscape, allowing us in this way to enjoy the views to the outside, and, at the same time, allowing natural daylight to seep into the home and illuminate it as needed.

The concrete structure gives the home a unique appearance, in the exterior as well as in the interior, where this element, combined with wood and other materials used in its design, create an ensemble of perfectly employed textures.

View of the exterior with geometric construction
Building with glass windows in a horizontal orientation

The interior is full of geometric shapes, perfectly interlaced, which, far from making the space seem cold, fill us with tranquility and affinity for these unique rooms.

Its modern furnishings are, at the same time, cozy and practical, and not one bit ostentatious, once again confirming the rule of “less is more,” especially when it comes to design and décor.

Spaces full of light, white and bright, with walls of concrete and wooden floors, all of which come together in perfect harmony.

Interior with living room/dining room in a modern style and glass walls
Modern dining room in white and wood

Modern kitchen in light wood
Modern kitchen in light wood
Concrete stairs
Concrete stairs
Wooden stairs
Wooden stairs

Master bedroom
Night view of the exterior
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