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An Impressive Modern Building in Tel Aviv, Israel

By • Apr 19, 2017

This project, a commercial and office building that functions as a center for two government offices, is located on Kibbutz Galuyot Road, Tel Aviv, Israel. Designed by Bar Orian Architects in 2016, it covers an area of 14,900 square meters. One of its exterior façades is adjacent to a series of residential buildings. There, the designers built a recreational and resting area for residents to enjoy in their free time.

Landscaped green areas and wooden benches were laid out across the space. From there, we can see the long and immense façade of the modern building. It is a modern construction that contrasts enormously with the style of the buildings that surround it, making it stand out.

At the other end, on a much-transited road, we can see the opposite side of the building – a vast white wall, dotted with many rows of multi-sized windows.

View of the building along which you can see the small windows
View of the exterior of the modern and white building
Close view of building details
Recreation and rest areas on one side

The front is perhaps the most striking feature in this modern structure. We can see two blocks that seem to move away from each other, creating a rare tilt effect which serves to add to its imposing presence.

Inclined effect of the building

At night, and under the artificial light of the interior and exterior, the construction looks impressive and majestic.

Night view of the building

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