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Industrial Style Apartment in the Most Popular District of Paris

By Magaly Grosso


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This project — Voltaire — is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, France, which is one of the most densely populated urban districts of Europe, and which is situated on the Right Bank of the River Seine. Completed in 2017, it was designed by Alexandre Delaunay of SABO project, and covers a total ground area of 81 square meters, or 872 square feet.

Exterior view of the old building
Interior of the living-dining room with concrete ceilings
Living-dining room and kitchen in a mix of styles

The apartment itself is located in a 1920s industrial building, and its interior has been stripped down to its raw concrete skeleton. This reflects upon the overall style of the end result, so that contemporary meets industrial to create a new, unique whole. The interior space is open and distributed in the style of a loft, so that the addition of a central island — consisting of 40 aluminum sheets that are custom punched, folded, anodized, and mounted on a metal structure — was instrumental in subtly dividing it into a variety of subspaces, such as an entrance, a main living space, dressing, horizontal and vertical circulations.

Modern cubicle where the bedroom and bathroom are located
Cubicle with open doors allows the passage of light into the room
Closed cubicle with decorative details

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to seep into the interior, so that it brims with luminosity and brightness. Decorative accessories dot all surfaces and walls, and colorful accents make the interior décor feel vibrant and happy.

Living-dining room and kitchen sharing the same space
Social area with golden cubicle
Details of the exterior material of the cubicle
Kitchen-dining room in a retro style
Golden cubicle
Cubicle with access to the bedroom
Bedroom access
Bedroom with closet in white
Comfortable bedroom filled with light
/ Bedroom in the upper level with concrete ceiling
Retro style bathroom in green and white
Narrow bathroom in white
Illuminated cubicle with private areas
/ Effect of the interior light through the perforations in the cubicle walls

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