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An Ingenious Vertical Home Honshu, Osaka, Japan

By • May 1, 2017

This house, which is only 3.5 meters wide and was built vertically due to the narrow space that was available, is surprisingly comfortable and spacious on the inside. Built in a district known for its modern architecture and located in the center of Honshu, Osaka, Japan, it was designed by the local architectural firm FujiwaraMuro Architects. The first need to fulfill was to provide a space full of natural light without compromising the privacy of those who would live there.

The main point of its design is its metal blinds, placed at the entrance of the house, and which serve to provide privacy while allowing the entrance to be flooded by an abundant supply of light.

At night, the artificial light passes through them, making it look like soft veils.

However, the architects had to take into account that it was necessary to provide a sufficient supply of natural light to each one of its interior spaces. For this reason, doors and glass walls were placed at the ends of the house, allowing for the flow of sunlight during the day.

Front view of the entrance with closed metal blinds
Front view of house with open metal blinds
Detail of metal blinds

Inside, its open spaces allow both light and air to flow freely, keeping the rooms perfectly lit and filled with fresh air.

Interior view of space with open environments
Interior view of space with open environments
Living room with wooden floors and stairs
Dark wood floors
Wooden stairs with metal rails
Large lighted wooden stairs
Night view of the interior through the metal shutters
Night view of the house from the outside

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