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Ingenious Wooden Shed Full of Surprises in the Outskirts of Eindhoven

By • Jun 15, 2017

There are ideas that definitely marvel us and make us go “Wow!” by how much they impress us. For me, this is one of them, and who wouldn’t want to be there and enjoy the wonderful views of a starry sky on clear nights or the sun on a sunny day? Sign me up!

This building, which seems to open up like an accordion, or with each section appearing to come out behind the other, is simply fabulous, and surely many will wish to imitate it.

At first sight, it looks like a simple cabin with a wooden structure hidden in between the tall trees in some nondescript forest, with only a tranquil lake as company.

However, we later come to notice that what could be mistaken for a garden shed is actually an innovative structure that combines an ingenious and simple system of sliding walls and glass shells to provide four kinds of living spaces in one.

What’s more surprising is that the project was completed by someone with no architectural training! It was simply constructed by a son to please his mother, who wished to have a special place in her garden to enjoy the views, organize parties and gatherings with friends and families, and to meditate.

Wooden structure
Sliding frontal structure
Interior of the glass structure
Glass structure
Open structure seen from the lake
Open structure seen from the lake
Open structure seen from the lake at night

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