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Japanese House Designed by CAPD Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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This home is almost completely enveloped by the vegetation which surrounds it, and is perched at the edge of a still lake. Covering an area of 160 m2, it is located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and was designed by CAPD Architects in 2016.

The home is surrounded by perfectly manicured green gardens, and it also has a small terrace overlooking the lake.

View of the house from the lake
Aerial view of the house embedded in the green vegetation
Close-up of the house, wooden walls

Details of the garden

In the second level, accessed by small stairs that connect both levels, we find the rest of the rooms.

This level not only has the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room, but also the four bedrooms and a single bathroom.

The social areas – living room, kitchen and dining room – all share the same space. Populated by scarce and reduced furniture, the intention here was to keep the décor simple and refrain from overwhelming it.

The floor traces a line dividing each space from the rest. A line of narrow windows runs from one side of the room to the other, allowing both light and fresh air to flow through the room.

Interior, social areas, wooden walls and floors

Side view of the dining room and the kitchen

Living room seen from the kitchen

The house has two levels, the first of which holds only the garage and a small service area.

Internal stairs leading to the second floor

The small bedrooms with wooden floors hold just the right amount of furniture.

Room with wooden floors and windows along the walls

The bathroom is characterized by simple lines, with white walls and wooden cabinets.

White bathroom and wooden furniture

In the evenings, and with the lake as witness, we can watch as the sky turns a variety of colors with each coming sunset from the terrace.

Beautiful night view of the terrace and the lake

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