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Jeff Wilson Designs a Tiny Home

By Magaly Grosso


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This small house (with a mere 32 meters squared) is a clear example of a well-distributed space. Even with such a small area, it’s perfectly possible to organize all the essentials.

Designed by Jeff Wilson, the Tiny House has a solution for every problem. The convertible furniture allows us to set up the space depending on the circumstances. A sofa by day, and a bed by night.

Exterior of the Tiny House

Interior of the living room, with convertible sofa that can be used as a bed

In the back of the living room/bedroom, we’ll find glass walls that run from the floor to the ceiling, allowing natural light to enter the space. It also saves the area from feeling claustrophobic.

TV table in the living room space, surrounded by glass walls
Kitchen with storage compartments and a small refrigerator

In the kitchen, we’ll find all the commodities we’ve come to expect from a modern kitchen, including electric appliances.

The stairs also serve as storage compartments, specifically as a closet. Just another example of how intricately designed this home is.

Staircase that also serves as storage space
The sofa becomes a bed

Just outside the bathroom, we’ll find a closet along the hallway that leads us to the living room. Its shelves and space allow us to comfortably house our clothes here.

A small space, adequately used to its full potential, is perfectly capable of granting us all the luxuries we’ve come to know and love in a home.

Closet with shelves

Once we enter, we’re greeted by a small, but adequately equipped, bathroom. Shower, toilet, and vanity all included.

Bathroom with all the accessories

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