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Kadeau, a Restaurant in Copenhagen with Roots in the Small Danish Island of Bornholm

By Magaly Grosso


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This cozy restaurant called “Kadeau” is located in København, the native name for Copenhagen, Denmark, and was designed in 2015 by the design firm OeO Studio, inspired by a deep passion for the country’s landscape.

Traditional entrance in blue wood
Details of the entrance with the name of the restaurant

For this project, the members of the firm tried to immerse themselves in the universe that surrounded the restaurant, which lead them to maintain many hours of dialogue with the head chef and his team to create a shared understanding of the driving passions behind Kadeau. The design was not only about creating a physical environment, but also about using it to shape the atmosphere of the restaurant and complete the dining experience.

Cozy interior with mix of materials and styles
Dining area with views of the inner courtyard
Interior of the dining room with mixes of styles

The culinary roots of Kadeau Copenhagen are found on the small Danish island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea. The love of Nicolai Nørregaard for his small native island, which is full of coniferous forests and surrounded by sandy beaches, is evident in everything the restaurant does. Dining at Kadeau is an immaculate and sophisticated experience that consists of celebrating the smallest details, a universe where guests feel they are dining at home with their dear friends.

For its design, OEO Studio left no surface untouched. All materials, colors, and design solutions used have been carefully designed to create the right feel, atmosphere, and sense of place.

Bar area with high seats
Details of the fine wood used
Large kitchen in thick wood
Wooden tables and cupboard with spices and condiments
View of the interior of the restaurant from the kitchen
Cupboard with spices and condiments
Hallway leading to the bathroom area
Mint green bathroom
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