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A Lake House with Spectacular Views Over the Llaima Volcano

By Magaly Grosso


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This lake house was designed by the architectural firm Rodolfo Wiedmaier Delorenzo in 2014, and is located in Curacautín (meaning “Gathering Stone”) in Mapudungun, a commune and city in the province of Malleco, in Chile. The home covers a total ground area of 470 square meters.

Spectacular natural environment of the house
House surrounded by tall, leafy trees

The home sits perched atop a mild hill, flanked by two Coihue trees, and boasts a spectacular view of the Llaima volcano and an artificial lake. The interior of the home is characterized by straight lines, though its rich wooden surfaces — made out of recycled, native wood — recall the surrounding natural landscape to mind. The result is a home that seems to bring human architectural order to the much wilder expanse of nature that surrounds it, creating a home out of the woods and forests outside. Colorful decorative accessories add a sense of life and vibrancy in the interior. Skylights and large windows allow natural light and the landscape outside to seep in.

Natural garden surrounds the house
View of the back garden
Wonderful views of the volcano from the house
Main entrance covered with thick wood
Spacious and bright interior with high ceilings
Wooden roof with skylights
Living room covered with wood
Ceiling with wooden beams
Cozy TV area
View of the dining room from the upper level
Kitchen in an old-fashioned style

The home also boasts a basement space in which to spend time at night or during rainy days. In contrast, the terrace roof is designed to provide panoramic views over the Araucania mountain range that is visible from this site.

Dining room with intense red chairs
Dining room overlooking the gardens
Wooden clad stairs
Rustic style room
Master bedroom with study area
Study area full of natural light
Simple room

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