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Luminous Modern House With Open Spaces

By Magaly Grosso


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Located in a quiet area of the populous city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, away from the stress of city life and next to a lagoon, this house sought to adapt to the needs and life of the clients, whose profession is related to art and design. This was an important aspect in the decision to create a simple and functional house that is still seen as a piece of art. In order to do this, the architectural firm Remy Architects based the project around highlighting the functional organization of the same, and on trying to maintain the autonomy of the children and the independence of the parents.

Exterior view of the construction with concrete walls

The concept was based on the play of the volumes of the two superposed boxes that make up the construction, allowing the creation of large terraces for the enjoyment of the landscape.

The main entrance is located on the first level, in the social volume, which is accessed through a ramp. From there, we can continue to the space belonging to the children, which expands to the outside, or we can go up to the area of ​​the parents, who enjoy better views and more tranquility. This project had the great challenge of solar orientation, as the plot is south facing. However, the large skylight located above the central space and the openings placed in the north facade helped solve this problem, filling the entire house with light.

Modern living room with high ceilings
Luminous modern interior with white walls
Modern stairs with glass railings
High ceilings with skylights
Exterior night view with access ramp
Exterior night view

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