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Magnificent Remodeling of a House From the 60’s

By Magaly Grosso


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This remodeling of an existing house of 484 square meters, which dates back to 1968 and due to which it had many really unnecessary spaces, has been carried out by the architectural firm ODETO.A and its architects Heewon Lee and Eunju Jeong, in Samcheong-dong, South Korea, in the year 2017.

Front view of the construction
External stairs lead to the entrance

As a main point, it was necessary to take into account that the client wanted to keep some parts of the existing house instead of building from scratch, so for their remodeling they basically focused on remodeling the existing useless details, such as the heating plate excessive floor, disproportionate roof structure, inefficient routes for installations, etc. The height of the space was also corrected, as it was insufficient; additionally, the insulation was poor and the façade had deteriorated.

Main entrance stairs

The team focused on these issues and actively redesigned them for the renovation of this house and gallery.

External lateral stairs
Large terrace with wooden floors
View of the exterior cladding
Interior of white walls
Large interior
Stairs in white marble
Wooden clad stairs

The idea was to place all the facilities outside the structure instead of following the conventional way. This represented several additional advantages, such as allowing a maximum volume for interior spaces, since floor and ceiling spaces are minimized.

A new appearance for the building was thus achieved, since the new covering surrounds the building to complement and improve the uneven edge of the facade and the deteriorated façade.

Interior full of natural light
Room with wooden floors
Large white space with wooden floors
Stairs in wood
Roof details
Room with internal door
Exterior night view
Night front view

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