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Marvelous Transformation of an Old Obsolete Farm into a Modern and Functional House

By • Dec 28, 2017

Nobody would say that this modern contemporary house, which is located in the city of Borgloon, Belgium, was once an obsolete farm — but it’s true. It has been beautifully remodeled by the architectural firm Sam Architects, at the hand of its architect Krist Michiels, in the year 2017.

Full facade of the brick and glass construction

The house is located in a protected landscape with the typical characteristics of Haspengouw, an area consisting of small villages in a rural landscape dotted with fruit trees. The house has a lacquered steel profile and a stone clad facade. Inside, different materials are combined with the intention to create different styles within a coherent unit.

Rear garden and interior access area
Red bricks and glass façade
Detail of black bases and glass walls
Rear view of the garden with brick walls
Elegant close-up of the red brick facade
Details of red brick walls
Detail of the edges of the windows
Modern interior with white marble floors
Modern interior with white marble floors
Modern dining room in black
Elegant living room with sofa in gray

The expansion of these two volumes has a contrasting design. A rectangle is implanted parallel to the reconstructed volume. This volume holds the living room and the bedroom. This unit is implanted 60 cm lower on the left side; as a result, this residential unit is not visible from the street. The volumes are only linked by a corridor, and, when viewed from above, the house has an H shape, which guarantees a clear spatial separation.

In the office areas, the wall finishes are combined with parquet floors. In the sleeping area, the parquet floor and white details are also used. The bathroom has mosaics from floor to ceiling, creating a very unique design.

Minimalist kitchen in black and white
Large and elegant kitchen in minimalist style
Dining room in white with a modern style
Decorative detail on the walls of the dining room
Detail of the decorative cubicles of the walls
Room with internal bathroom with glass walls
Room with glass walls
Modern and elegant bathtub in white
Modern bathroom decorated in black and white

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