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A Minimalist Apartment in Arenzano, Italy

By Magaly Grosso


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This bright apartment, located in Arenzano, Italy, was designed by Pia Architecture in 2016. The long space, which culminates with a glass door that leads to a small terrace that serves as entryway for a flood of natural light, appears at first glance cozy and comfortable.

The living room, which consists of a chair placed in front of a television, a small bookshelf, and a storage cabinet, fuses with the rest of the space by its simplicity.

The predominance of white over mustard, which we find in some details and that highlight and keep the monotony at bay from the design, is evident.

View of space and terrace from the dining room
Living room with chair and storage furniture
Storage unit


The kitchen, which shares space with the dining room and is adjacent to the living room, is a comfortable place and has plenty of storage options.

On the white wooden dining room hang, from the high ceiling, modern lamps that follow the trend of details done in mustard. This makes them blend perfectly with the style and function that has been given to the décor of the space.

View of the dining room-kitchen from the living room
White kitchen with details in mustard
Dining room with sliding doors and stairs in the background

At the far end, large sliding doors separate the rooms and give privacy to the more intimate area of ​​the apartment. Side stairs lead us up to these areas.

From there, we can observe the living area through a set of windows, which also serve to receive the light that enters through the terrace.

Dining room with sliding doors and stairs in the background
White kitchen with details in mustard

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