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This Minimalist House with Beautiful Brick Walls will Leave you Breathless

By • Dec 18, 2017

Villa Bakkum is a minimalist house with beautiful exposed brick walls, and with three wings that emerge in the surrounding natural landscape. It is part of a development of Chalet-type homes located in a space where a psychiatric hospital formerly operated and which the municipality decided to redevelop.

Side view of the villa with brick walls
Rear garden area with terrace and garden

It is located in Bakkum, a small town near the coast, and part of the municipality of Castricum, in North Holland. It sits on the edge of a large natural reserve and among leafy trees.

Wonderful front view with walls made out of wood, glass, and bricks
Detail of the brick walls

The facades on the forest side were designed in bamboo. On the other facades, brick was applied in an extremely strong horizontal formation, which gives the building a strong texture and a highly tactile effect.

Side view of brick walls
Brick walls

The design, carried out by architects Gianni Cito, Diederick de Boer, and Patrick de Weerd, part of the team at the architectural firm Moke Architecten, covers an area of ​​400 square meters and was carried out in the year 2107.

Details of raw brick walls
Beautiful wooden beams on the exterior roof

The layout of the villa has three wings with the entrance and the staircase in the central triangular space. Each wing has its own use; a private area, an area with office space, and an area with the kitchen, the dining room, and the garage.

Spacious interior filled with light
Large space with high ceilings and wooden stairs
Modern kitchen-dining area with garden views
Sliding glass doors that separate the rooms

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