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Modern and Balanced Addition that gave a Total Turn to this Traditional House in Montreal, Canada

By Magaly Grosso


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This wonderful addition to an existing red clay brick house, typical of this area, not only changed the interior of the structure by adding a modern and wonderful space, but also changed its exterior, which resulted in a completely different look for the outer look of the home.

The design was carried out by Natalie Dionne, Ariane Côté-Bélisle, Martin Laneuville, and Corinne Deleers, who form part of the team at the architectural studio Natalie Dionne Architecture, and is located in the city of Montreal, Canada. It covers a total ground area of 2,130 square feet and was carried out in 2017 as part of a project of reconfiguration of internal and external divisions, as well as an application of the idea of integrating two black volumes in juxtaposition. The existing architecture is improved and transformed into the modern lifestyle, thus fulfilling the aspirations of its inhabitants.

View of the rear terrace that connects to the interior of the kitchen-dining room
Details of the glass walls that separate the garden from inside the house

The addition of BLACK BOX II is covered with large plates of iridescent black fiber cement board, with a perforated pattern. Inside, oak paneling covers the walls and roof of the shed, while a latticework of western red cedar covers the bedroom.

Keeping a part of the heritage of the past, the original oak floor of the dining room has been preserved and has been restored. The kitchen island, made of solid oak, is located in the center of this space, and serves as an altar to daily rituals.

The architects sought to maintain an adequate balance between the new and the old to create a coherent whole, preserving the authenticity of the existing details.

Small dining area incorporated in the kitchen
Kitchen with wonderful wooden island
Level wooden island, elegant and sober
Details of the kitchen area in wood

Night view of the modern interior from the back garden

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