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Modern and Spectacular Private Villa designed to adapt to the Lifestyle and Architectural Tastes of the Client

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Raj Villa is a stunning private residence designed by Iman Memar and Ali Rahi of the Iranian architectural firm CSD Office in 2017. The home covers a total ground area of 252 square meters (2,712 square feet) and is located on Kish, a 91.5 square kilometer (35 square miles) resort island in the Persian Gulf off the southern coast of Iran.

View of the location of the modern construction
Main view of the modern building

The design for this home took into account the qualitative and quantitative special needs of the client, and attempted to abide by their lifestyle and architectural tastes. CSD Office also had to balance urbanization regulations with the employer requirements – which included compliance with traditional Iranian architecture and outdoor spaces, all blended into a modern building – and be compatible with the regional climate, which is characterized by hot weather and intense sunlight.

Exterior view with brick walls
Exterior with perforated bricks

The frontal façade of the structure has a strong emphasis on the preservation of the interior privacy of the home, and is presented as a single block with wooden louvers known as “Shenashir,” which were traditionally used in the architecture of Southern Iran, to create a brick structure. This allows some light to filter into the interior and provide natural illumination while meeting the privacy standards of the client. The back façade of the home is much more open, with a glass railing balcony that looks out to the patio.

Side view of the facade
Details of the perforated brick wall
Upper detail
Spacious interior
Interior with glass walls
Interior detail of the brick wall
Light reflection in the interior
Stairs with red brick wall
Upper level with skylight
Elegant bathroom in black marble
Exterior view of the facade
Rear night view
Night view of the garden
Night view of the interior from the outside

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