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PH5 Design Creates a Modern Apartment in Barcelona, Spain

By • Apr 18, 2017

This modern apartment, located in Barcelona, Spain, was designed by PH5 Design in 2013. We can define this structure as a space with soft tones, in which the elegance is present in all its rooms. A space that transmits serenity and calmness. The design was undertaken with a concern for the comfort and enjoyment of its occupants.

Beautiful floors made of lightly-colored wood cover each space and seemingly connect each of the bedrooms.

The living room, a small space in which the couch is accompanied by a TV area, connects to the remainder of social areas while still maintaining its own independence.

Entrance, wood floors and staircase with glass wall
View of the kitchen from the living room
Small guest bathroom with sliding walls
Small guest bathroom with sliding walls
Living room with TV area
Living room with TV area

The dining room area is an extension of the kitchen area. There, a small glass table in a modern style completes the space. A mirror wall at the end adds to the spaciousness of the narrow area, as well as helping to reflect light.

View of the kitchen from the small dining room

The kitchen is located at the far end of the long space. It employs a minimalist style with white as the primary color, and maintains the same style of design used in other areas of the home. With multiple storage compartments, this small kitchen demonstrates the importance of planning to take advantage of the available spaces during the design process.

Kitchen storage space

The wood stairs with glass walls lead to a second level, where a bedroom of a delicate and exquisite style invites the occupants to take a moment’s rest.

Staircase that leads to the second floor
Lightly-colored wood staircase and glass walls
Bedroom with soft and relaxing tones
Bathroom with white sinks of a modern style
Bathroom with white sinks of a modern style

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