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Modern Construction Hidden Among the Dunes of de Oost-Vlieland, The Netherlands

By • Jan 19, 2018

This construction is “embedded,” so to speak, into a landscape of undulating dunes in the Oost-Vlieland area of The Netherlands, among a rich collection of summer houses built in the early twentieth century. The foundations of the new cabin are a more careful integration with the landscape of the dunes. The construction is at the top, adjacent to a dune platform, and stands against the backdrop of the forest on the south side. The most striking feature of the house is its roof, as it resembles a tent due to the elevated section at the center.

View of the construction in the dunes

The basement is invisible from the public road, and by placing the entrance door there, the volume in the dune remains completely unchanged. There is no front or back. It is an open and informal holiday house where the doors of the terrace provide access.

Interior of the living area with glass walls and wooden ceilings
Modern kitchen in stainless steel

Transparent glass and wood have been used on the facade for the frames and strips. Its interior stands out for the use of light wood that we find in ceilings and walls, as well as for the large number of windows that allow natural light to flood the spaces. The roofs, which fall in the form of an inverted V, look really wonderful and create different but definitely charming spaces. It has been designed by the firm Borren Staalenhoef Architecten, and covers an area of ​​240 square meters.

Modern dining area with views
Room with high ceilings in inverted V
Room with wooden ceilings and skylights
Studio area with magnificent views
Night view of the house “embedded” into the dunes
Internal night view from the outside
Night view of the house

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