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Modern and Minimalist Design by the Firm FGR Architects

By Magaly Grosso


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This spectacular simple and minimalist design, created by the architectural firm FGR Architects, hand in hand with its professional team made up by Raffoul Feras and Williams Liau in the city of Portsea, Australia, is meticulous, and at first sight seems to be floating on the crest of the small hill where it is located.

Carried out in 2016, this project covers an area of 340 square meters and was designed with the premise that it was important to maintain privacy and maximize the incredible views that the house offers towards the beach of Portsea. In this way, the family is able to look out and see the world but remain private and away from external viewers.

A striking point of the interior was the design created in the bathrooms, in which the external elements were imitated, thus creating the illusion that one is showering outside.

External front view of the modern construction

Its external design is of a modern style, as well as the design used in the interior, in which modern furniture of great quality and elegance have been used to populate each one of its environments.
Both in the kitchen and in the bathrooms, a gray and white marble of great quality and beauty has been used.

View of the construction on the small hill
Stairs with concrete sheets lead to the entrance
Side view with garage area
Terrace with wooden floors and pool
Modern and spacious living room with TV area
Modern kitchen with island in marble
Modern kitchen with glass walls
Modern and elegant bathroom

Night view of the exterior

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