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Modest Painting Studio Designed by the Open Kaart Firm in Woerden, The Netherlands

By • Nov 1, 2017

This project was completed in 2017 with the extensive collaboration of the clients, who have worked alongside the project team. Believe it or not, many of the design sessions took place around the kitchen table, with the client’s youngest child making a model of the blueprint and a brother in law designing a new stained glass window. The home is located in Woerden, The Netherlands.

Their greatest desire was to have a private painting studio where the client could unleash his passion. His dream came true right in the backyard of his house, thanks to the architect Pieter Graaff from the architectural firm Open Kaart.

After renovating the house and garden, there was a simple shed waiting to be put to use. At first glance, it offered few possibilities, as it was small, had no insulation or foundation, and had a dripping ceiling. However, after a few repairs and changes made in a small place covering only 19 square meters, it was possible to obtain the necessary space so that the artist could continue to offer painting workshops from the comfort of his home.

The design took into account the option to later extend the studio with a bath. It can then serve as a small house for one of the children or as a guest house for a future owner.
The project is a perfect example of how unexpected ideas can be carried out with modest costs.

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