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Sustainable modular structure exposed in Milan, Italy

By • May 26, 2017

This very particular design, located in the city of Milan, Italy and covering an area of 50 square meters, was created by SO-IL in the year 2017. Even from a distance, the modern structure looks striking and attractive, inviting us to approach and admire it from up close.

A modular metal structure comprises the basic framework of the home, and a flexible, light-permeable outer skin of purifying fabric creates the boundary between inside and outside.

It consists of four levels. The upper level has a small terrace where plants were placed, as it has been done in the rest of the levels, to keep the air fresh and clean in all spaces.

The mobile structure can be unassembled at the desired time, and be installed elsewhere if it is needed.

The outer layer may be replaced or adapted at any time to adapt to changes in the weather conditions.

This practical installation enhances environmental awareness and encourages the visitors to confront our tendency to take resources for granted.

Modern structure seen from the outside
Modern structure seen from the outside
Details of the reduced exterior of the structure

It has spiral metal stairs that rise through the frame, taking us through all levels without interfering with the reduced space inside.

Metal spiral stairs
Metal spiral stairs
Rest area

At night, its artificial lights allow for the interior to show through the outer layer to the outside.

Night view from the outside
Night view from the outside

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