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An Old Church Converted into a Family Home

By Magaly Grosso


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Nowadays, this magnificent construction of an old church is a family home, and it couldn’t be more amazing. It is located on a hillside and has two levels which have been designed to incorporate the element of subtropical design, thus emphasizing a connection with the natural context and the site.

Facade of the old church next to the new construction
Modern and elegant construction

It is located in a suburb of Brisbane in Norman Park, Australia, has an area of 609 square meters and has been redesigned by the architectural firm DAHA by the hand of David Hansford in 2017. The extension of this house is a balanced adaptation of an existing church in a unique family home. The extension creates a continuity of the existing church through different materials, creating a balance between the old and the new.

Area that connects both constructions
Garden with pool and green areas
Rear garden connected to the interior
Detail of the area that connects both
Construction with concrete walls
Terrace with wonderful views over the city

The project responds to the unique conditions of the site, including natural ones as well as those related to its construction. The large portion of elevated terrain in which it is located provides you with wonderful views of the city. The prominent church, built in 1924, is in a central position and needed to become part of the family home.
The use of gaps and bridges promotes interaction and social connections between levels. The design of the extension generates social centers, as well as private retreats, creating a home that can grow with the family in the coming years.

Entrance to the interior of the old church
Modern living room with glass walls and views
Stairs in wood
Modern reading area
Kitchen with island in polished concrete and brick wall
Details of the sober kitchen
Dining room in gray and black tones
Modern dining room with concrete walls
Modern stairs with concrete walls
Detail of the steel railings
Bathroom with black and white details

Wonderful playground in the old church

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