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Students at the Yale School of Architecture have Presented this Project for the Jim Vlock First Year Construction Project

By • Dec 29, 2017

The house, located on a previously vacant corner lot on Adeline Street, New Haven, United States, has two units that are separated by a walkway, but which still exist under the same roof. The structure is adorned with large windows that balance the needs for both openness and privacy.It is a house that can accommodate two families and that has been presented by the students of the Yale School of Architecture, Adam Hopfner and Kyle Bradley, in the year 2017 as the latest version of the Jim Vlock First Year Construction Project.

Exterior view of the white walled construction

This year’s Construction Project is the first home built as part of a five-year collaboration with Columbus House, a homeless service provider based in New Haven.

House with beautiful side garden
Details of the perfectly maintained garden

Columbus House will select two tenants for the house on Adeline Street: an individual tenant for the efficiency unit and a small family for the two-bedroom unit.

Much of the house, including attics, window frames, stairs, and cabinets, has been prefabricated in eight-foot modules in a warehouse on the west campus of Yale, shortening the amount of time needed for construction on the site.

This year’s house marks the 50th project built by first-year students in the professional studies program at the Yale School of Architecture.

Spacious interior with high ceilings and hanging lamps
Wooden detail of the rooms
Wooden stairs with white metal railing
Detail of wooden stairs
Light wooden stairs
Second level with light wooden floors

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