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Magnificent Renovation of a 50’s Ranch in the City of Virginia

By Magaly Grosso


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This magnificent renovation of a ranch house belonging to the 50s, located in the city of Virginia, USA, has been remodeled by the New York architecture firm BFDO (Barker Freeman Design Office). It’s been enlarged, and to do so it was decided to demolish its walls and a garden on the roof has been designed.

External view of the two blocks that make up the unit
Terrace with sea views

Located in front of the sea and painted white, this property is composed of a block of one floor and another composed of two floors, as well as a basement and a large pool area.
A hall separates the two sections of the house. Upon entering, a private sitting room is on the right, while two rooms are on the opposite side.

Large pool with sea views
Terrace that connects to the dining room
Terrace with wonderful views
Exterior stairs made of raw wood
Wooden terrace with flower beds
Entrance with glass doors
Wonderful simple interior and full of natural light

On the back, there is a more spacious and comfortable living room and a modern white L-shaped kitchen faces a fireplace, which divides the dining and living areas. Floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors line this large room, allowing the entire area to be filled with natural light. Light also pours in from the skylights on either side of the central chimney.
For interior decoration, the walls and cabinets are kept white with light wood floors throughout. The soft yellow walls and celestial tiles in the bathrooms provide subtle touches of color.

Living room with terrace and fireplace
Fireplace that connects from the living room to the dining room
Modern kitchen in white and black marble
Modern dining room with terrace and fireplace
Room decorated with vibrant colors
Room with terrace
Bathroom in white and light blue
Bathroom decorated with marine motifs
Night view of the construction

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