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Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman Rehabilitated a Netherlands Building

By Magaly Grosso


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This beautiful building, with dark brick facade of those with many stories to tell was rehabilitated by Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman in 2016 and is located in Rotterdam,The Netherlands.

Keeping in mind that although it has 140 square meters divided over 3 levels and each one is 20 meters width and only 3.4 meters wide which makes it completely narrow, the architects took maximum advantage of the space they had and managed to make it a place with all the necessary comforts.

Through large glass windows located at each level, each room was perfectly filled with natural light. Its white walls and floors give a feeling of amplitude necessary in this case where the reduced spaces could become claustrophobic. However, it is not and they managed to make it a place full of wonderful little corners that come together to result in a wonderful house.

Its scarce furniture, another wise decision, gives us what is needed to make it a comfortable place.

Diagonal view of the facade of dark bricks
Street view with brick buildings
View through the window

Small dining room with colorful chairs and in the bottom the kitchen


Light wood kitchen

Living room with two yellow chairs and director lamp
Street view through the window of the small living room

Living room with sofa in caramel leather

They took full advantage of each space so in between the stairs on the second level was used the space to build a library and on the third level a bathroom in which a skylight was placed to allows not only the entrance of natural light but also you to enjoy the view of the clouds and the birds as they pass by.

The final result… A successful use of spaces.



Area of sink in the stairs with skylight


Shower with transparent glass walls





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