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Remodeled Stalinist Style Apartment was converted into a Modern Space with a Retro Touch

By • Nov 20, 2017

This project is the remodeling of a floor from an old Stalinist house located in Moscow, Russia. These buildings obviously cannot be compared to modern buildings with multiple apartments, but there are many who love these old houses of low rise buildings, with thick and reliable brick walls, good ceiling height and a style special from old Moscow, amongst many other qualities.

Small terrace with furniture
Interior of the sober living room with wooden floors

The one responsible for the transformation of this apartment, which originally looked depressing and dismal, was architect Maxim Tikhonov from the architectural firm m2project, who turned it into a modern space with a retro touch.

Living room connected to the kitchen

In the kitchen and in the bedroom, brick walls have been kept. These give a touch of warmth to the spaces. In the living room, glass doors have been placed, connecting the small balconies and allowing natural light to enter and fill the spaces, thus eliminating the reigning darkness that was one of the main causes of the depressing impression that was perceived before remodeling.

Living room with doors to the terrace
Cozy living room with kitchen at the end

The design also shows a wide abundance of textures, painted walls, blocks, bricks, concrete, oak floors. To avoid overloading the spaces, it was decided to give the walls a predominantly white coat of paint.

Armchair in beige on red rug
Living room with TV cabinet
Kitchen with countertop in white
Kitchen in black and white
Kitchen cabinets in black with white countertop
Small round dining table
Bedroom with desk area
Bedroom with black bricks wall
Bedroom with closet with deep blue curtain
Rest area in the bedroom
Rocking chair
Desk area
Desk with book shelves
Book shelves
Bathroom module
Bathroom interior and laundry area
Bathroom in white
Bathroom in wood and marble

HomeDSGN has received this project from our WeTransfer channel. Architects and interior designers are welcome to submit their work for publication.

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