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Remodeling a Small Apartment to add Visual Amplitude

By • Feb 27, 2018

This project consists of the renovation of an apartment located on the 18th floor of a building in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which dates back to 1950 and was built by the architect Artacho Jurado. The remodeling was carried out in 2016 by the architectural firm Vão, and covers a total ground area of 56 square meters.

Lounge area with access to a small terrace

The apartment offers a privileged view of the city center from its terrace. The demolition of all the internal walls of the original plan was, therefore, an intentional action in order to allow the cityscape and natural light, framed by the original wooden frames, to flow into the space.

Living room, kitchen, and dining room sharing a space

To increase the feeling of spaciousness within the 46 square meters of internal area, the division between environments was done through a piece of furniture that hangs suspended above the green floor that covers the entire department. The volume of wood in the middle of the plan opens to both the living room and the bedroom, and has a double function: while one side is a closet for books and electronics, the other serves as storage for clothing. The functionality of the concrete countertop also helped in the organization and to gain space, because it integrates laundry utensils, kitchen, and bathroom, separated from them by a mirror suspended on the countertop.

Aerial storage area
Aerial storage area
Wooden kitchen with a concrete countertop
Kitchen with a concrete ceiling
Complete view of the small apartment and its environments
Interior of the room with glass wall that connects to the bathroom
Interior of the bathroom with glass partitions

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