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Remodeling of an Existing Residential Building on Forchstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland to Convert it into Modern Apartments.

By • Apr 27, 2017

Having been restored in 2015 by the architectural firm Kyncl Schaller Architekten, this existing residential building was completely demolished on the inside and re-designed to have two apartments per floor. Its façades were conserved and restored, preserving part of its original style.

An extension was added to this old building in order to extend its spaces, which can be accessed through the previously existing building.

The apartments can be accessed through stairs with walls of concrete. There, we can see a remarkable diversity in the design of each of the different spaces.

Each apartment is provided with small balconies, from where we can enjoy views of the outdoors.

Facade of the building with small balconies
Stairs with concrete walls
Stairs with concrete walls

In its interior, the stone walls and concrete ceiling make a perfect combination of materials, a cross between the modern and the rustic. Hardwood floors and modern furniture were placed in each room, where an air of harmony and good taste pervades

Modern black steel stairs with beautiful glass railings stand out against the rustic stone wall, painted in white.

Located in Zürich, Switzerland, this building covers an area of 2,100.0 square meters.

Modern living room with steel and glass stairs
Dining-kitchen area
Small kitchen in white

A small contemporary black kitchen, located in the center, serves as a division between the dining area and the living room.

Modern white dining room with small kitchen in black and stone walls
Modern bedroom furniture with stone walls and wooden floors

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