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Residential Development with a Simple and Rational Structure in Mind

By • Nov 16, 2017

Residential Development J.Basanaviciaus 9A is a project completed by the architectural firm Paleko architektu studija in 2016. The home is located in Vilnius, the capital city of the Baltic country of Lithuania, and covers a total ground area of 4,000 square meters, or 43,055 square feet.

Aerial view of the residential development
Street view where the development is located

Paleko attempted to create a simple and rational structure from the functionality, construction, and exploitation point of view. It was also important to create a relationship with the buildings and spaces that surrounded this residential development in the Old Town, which is nearby, and the Reformatai Square.

Street of old constructions
View of the structure in black
View of the complex in black and white

The location and context of the structure were taken into consideration when developing its design. The site had previously served a residential function, and so the terrain structure and character were not changed. Pitched roofs were included in order to reference the Old Town silhouette. Three nearly identical buildings were built, with all homes being similar to each other in size and plan layout. One of the buildings, however, the one that is situated by the park, is one floor shorter than the other two.

Complex connected by floating walkways
Floating walkways
Structure in white with small balconies
Small floating balconies
Details of the structure

The interior of the buildings is dotted with skylights which allow natural light to flow in and flood all spaces, illuminating them in a way that helps save up energy.

Interior with rough walls
Interior of the corridors of the complex

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