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Rowland + Broughton Designed a Home in a Historic Neighborhood in Colorado, Aspen

By Magaly Grosso


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The home that we see in these images is not the original home that was in this location. initially, a historic 1890s home sat here, part of a large property, but it was picked up and settled elsewhere, leaving the lot open for a new construction to take its place in Aspen’s West End neighborhood, a historic neighborhood in Colorado, USA.

But it couldn’t be just any modern home – oh, no. The new home needed to fit certain aesthetic requirements, as determined by the city’s Historic Preservation Commission. Game On, as the home is called, manages to be both contextually appropriate and innovative, a feat completed by the architectural firm Rowland + Broughton.

The home is made out of white fiber-cement siding, and has a traditional front porch and a gabled roof – references to West End’s historical background.

Exterior with white wooden walls and a garden
Rear terrace with barbecue area

The interior, which altogether covers an area of 4,291 square feet, is modern and luminous, done in a light color palette, with white, soft gray, and light-colored wood coming together harmoniously.

As a plus, the home is designed to be ecologically sustainable. Among its finishes, which include wood and concrete, is eco-friendly paint, and the landscape is populated with drought-tolerant plants, which help reduce water usage.

Modern living room with fireplace and kitchen
Modern stairs with metal railing
Bedroom with wooden bed
Night view of living room-dining room with access to the terrace
Night view of the terrace
Night view of the terrace
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