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Barilari Architetti Rebuild a Rural Home in Ripatransone, Italy

By Magaly Grosso


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This beautiful rural construction is nestled in the mountains, on uneven terrain. Its walls, built out of aged brick, contrast with the modern glass windows that appear to peek out from them.

The mixture of materials is interesting, and fits perfectly with the atmosphere that surrounds the home.

Located in Ripatransone, Italy, its reconstruction took a total of four years, starting in 2005 and lasting until 2009, and was carried out by the architectural firm Barilari Architetti.

Exterior side view, brick walls, and modern windows

Terrace with wooden floors

View of the interior lamps from the outside

In its interior, modern furniture is part of the décor, and gives it a current and very chic touch. Beside it, the dining room completes the space. Hanging lamps were placed at different points in order to provide the space with the necessary light to keep it perfectly lit.

A wooden ramp leads us to the small kitchen that seems to be shyly hidden behind the stairs.

Wide stairs with black metal rails cross the space as a continuation of the wooden floors.

Living room with modern furniture
Sofa in white with Barcelona chairs

Above a small space where a lone chair was placed, we find a large window in the corner that shows us a wonderful view of the mountains that surround the house. There, seated alone, we can enjoy moments of reflection and relaxation.

Corner with large windows with mountain views
Views through the window
Wooden stairs with black railings
Wooden stairs with black railings

Small dining room with hanging lamp

View of the interior at dusk

Night view of the exterior
Night view of the exterior

House view with brick walls

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